Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Let's play catch up !

wow the last time i blogged was like in march. well a lot has happened since then. let's see if i can recap with the help of pictures.

me n thomas found this awesome captain kirk t shirt for his dad for his birthday. which was perfect to because we went to the star trek expedition at the tech museum. i haven't been to the tech in so long but it was fun. sorta nerdy but still fun to be with family.

Then to the right is a picture of dinner that thomas had made me one day. thomas and i have been progressively getting more busy as the year has moved on. i couldn't even really tell you why maybe we're just getting more into the grove of work and school and being married at the same time. anyways, thomas has his games and movie watching as his hobby and at the time my hobby is nesting :). i feel like how the home looks is a reflection of how im taking care of it and my teeny tiny family, but sometimes i need help. and when i get overwhelmed unfortunately thomas gets the brunt of it at times with me telling him he's not meeting me halfway. its been interesting and difficult trying to meet each other halfway in everything but we havent given up. well anyways while i was in the bedroom all upset probably surfing the internet thomas made me my favorite dinner - pork chops and rice. and he actually makes them better than i do. so he made me dinner and set the table and went to 7 11 across the street and bought me a case of coke and a magazine which i used to be addicted to. i mean like every time i went into a store i would buy a magazine. glad he still knows me:). so dinner was fun and we made up and we're still working together. actually its almost been a year since we have gotten married. isnt that weird??? i kind of a confession - before we got married everyone was like "remember the first year is the hardest" - i hope it is. i keep trying to tell myself your almost there and then its all better after the first year. i know thats not true though. and its not even that the first year was like terrrible horrible - i think we did pretty well, thomas thinks it was a piece of cake of course :). so we'll see what year number 2 holds for us!

so this past year was by far the worst year for me for allergies. there was like 3 days in like 2 months where i felt like i was really sick like cold and flu - cant breathe, cant talk, almost feverish sick where i was like should i
call in sick tomorrow for work or not?, which made me super anxious. thankfully thomas was really sweet and said i should ask for an hc (hospital convenience - basically an opportunity for a nurse to stay home if there are too many nurses and not enough paitents. so anyways God was really good to me because almost everytime i asked for an hc when i felt sick i got it those 3 times. i remember there was one time where i slept into like 3pm. so i was way grateful. anyways i thought whatever it was allergies or whatever it was ridiculous and it was time to go to the md. so i went and she did the allergy test on me where the medical assistant takes 52 needles dipped in a different allergen and pokes my skin. well this is my arms right after she poked me.

and this was 15 mins later. itchy itchy itchy!!!! so the md and medical assistant come in to measure and tell me what im allergic to. well let's just cut to the chase and say what im not allergic to. basically i tested positive to everything ( pollens, trees, grass...) except for cochroaches, dogs, cats and molds. haha so i started on astelin and flonase everyday but MD wants me to do allergy shots since im so allergic to everything. so im glad i know why i was feeling so crappy this past season and taking steps to feeling better.

no time for boba pics!!!

we bought boba a big stuffed chick for easter. and she loved it. this it thomas and me driving and boba laying on her new chicken :)

look at my lashes!!!

Check out how big i am now auntie tashie!

Im Ready for my Shower!

look how big i am auntie tashi!

aren't i lovely!

So then we had another fun beach day and boba's uncle curtis came with us to try out his new fancy camera!! we went to downtown half moon bay ate at the pub and then went to various beaches. the pic of boba is at bean hollow where we explored. :) thats it for now im sleepy. you know you love me :)

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