Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring time is here!

So Boba has giardia - basically a bug in her tummy that makes her have diarrhea like crazy. so we took her to to vet 2 weeks ago and finally it seemed like she was getting better but then yesterday she had runny poops again so its like another 120 dollars for meds and food. but they didnt have the right prescription food so i cooked some chicken, rice and cottage cheese and am mixing it with her regular food. my sisters think im crazy for cooking food for boba but hey if itll save us an additional 50 dollars why not. plus boba loves it. she gobbles it up. anyways the most common way for puppies to get giardia is through stagnant water - like puddles. which boba loves! so we have put her in our bathtub for water playtime but shes kind of outgrown our tub so me and tam tam went to petsmart to pick up boba's meds and saw that they had a plastic kiddie pool for like 10 bucks. so why not. so this am me and thomas filled it up with clean water and this was the result.

she loved it! and she is so funny because she blows bubbles in the water. i have never seen a dog do that before. i was nervous she would inhale and then aspirate or drown or whatever but we keep a close eye. when we put the pool away boba laid on the couch in the one part of sun to dry off but she kept going outside looking for her pool. now she's passed out on the floor between me and thomas on our computers. while uploading the videos we watched some of her baby videos - she seems like a totally different dog. not really in personality but just sheer size. thomas was all reminesent and sad she wasnt a baby anymore and tried to put her in his lap while he played games. she used to fall asleep on his lap when she was a baby while playing games. this picture shows that 1- she's definetly outgrown it 2 - she doesnt look too happy and 3 - thomas is really trying to go back in time. haha just kidding husby. well anyways, lots of busyness this week.

both of my sisters are in town which is so nice because we go out and do things - even if it was like yesterday- tashi was sick so me and tami went to goodwill and bought some good finds, then to petsmart and then to the grocery store. then we were so hungry we sat in the car in the parking lot and ate our chicken wings. people must have thought we looked wierd because it was like 80 degrees out and we were demolishing our chicken wings - but we dont care - when the bell girls are hungry we're hungry! and we both decided that maybe people just like to listen in to our conversations because serisously like 3 people jumped into our conversations. like we were at goodwill and tam tam found this super cute duvet cover and she was like this is mine because you got the pretty comforter - and i was like well fine - and this this random lady was like i like to shop with my friends where we fight over stuff too. mmm ok. hahaha - jk i guess it just means we were loud and laughing and having a good time. well anyways - we'll see what today holds - maybe macy's for the spotbot proheat cleaner - i think so and then after that its steam cleaning frenzy for the car and the house.

and then maybe me and thomas will end the day with some psych. i love psych.

until next time, you know you love me xoxo hehehe

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A day in the life - on a day off :)

i have loved these past few days off! usually days off are like yay no work. but these past days have been filled and fun. i feel like ive really been able to get things done not as much as i would like of course but enough for now i guess. so i woke up this morning and headed off to the flea market with momma. she needed to research and see if she could get some fleece for cheap in comparison to the fabric store. i got my wedding fabric from the flea market and it was so much cheaper and we found out it was the same for momma too. they are offering $4 a yard if we buy 200 yards and joanns wants to charge us 12.99 with no discount!!!! they say sometimes they have sales but even still 50% would still be like 6.50! so once again the flea market wins. oo and i bought one of those m( my daddy calls them) bag lady carts - so its easier for me to haul my laundry from our apartment to the office where the machines are and i got 5 paks ( 3-4 pairs in each) for a total of dadadadadada - 10 whole dollars! winner. so after that we picked up daddy and we ate at sizzlers it was pretty good and they have a nice lunch pack deal so its not too too expensive. then they took me home and the real work started.

:::::::::::::::::warning this next story is not for the faint of heart::::::::::::::::::

So boba yesterday and i were in the bedroom bc pizza man showed up to the door and thomas was paying him. so it wasnt even a minute and boba started pacing in the bedroom and im thinking maybe shes nervous or trying to figure out how to get to thomas then all of a sudden she squats down and woooosssssssssssssshhhhhhhhh - explosive watery diarrhea. bbbbbllllllllaaaaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhh. it was so bad. i opened the door and ran out and boba hid under the stairs because she thought we were gonna get mad at her. well thomas went in to go clean it and i got hime cleaner and paper towels and a garbage. and then another garbage bag to put the clothes she pooped on so i could wash them off then put them into laundry. well when thomas was putting the cloths in the bag i was holding i was trying not to breathe but then i started gagging and then gagged again and then.... i ran into the bathroom and threw up!!! never have i done that before. i mean imma nurse - i have seen people throw up and seen bile thrown up ( which is the worst i think) i ve seen strawberrry ensure throw up (which is a close first to bile). ive seen explosive diarrhea - gotten it on my shoes, people with huge open wounds and infected toes lalala you name it. but my puppy's diarrhea and woosh i threw up. then thomas is all like - 'what are you gonna do when you have a baby are you even gonna be able to change its diaper - i should just tell him no so he'll have to do it. but i told him i just had a moment of weakness - haha.
so i have recovered. but moving onto what i did when i got home - the vet said i should create a bland diet for boba to eat. so i began to cook what she told me.

does it look appetizing??? actually its not that bad! the cottage cheese really adds the flavor though so you cant forget that. anyways its boiled chicked and rice and cottage cheese. she loves it nom nom nom.see her pretty face with her pretty eyelashes momma please i want it i want it i want it!

so she gobbled it up and then i washed the dishes. made a little box for boba's bathroom stuff and added a puppy face and dog house and kitty around thebox to spice it up . then i gathered all the dirty laundry in my bag lady cart and then i was pooped. so i decide ive done good i should lay down. and guess who loves to sleep with her momma now after her tummy is nice and full ~ none other than my baby booger bear. ::::snoore:::snoore:::snore:::

here shes like momma dont wake me up!!

so she fianlly lays her head after being a terror and i think i should call thomas to come in queitly so he doesnt wake the baby. well i get to one ring and the door swings open and there goes sleeping boba off to bark and run and bite and chew and eat and destroy and terrorize. well needless to say thomas came in and laid down too and it took a good 30 minutes for her to rest her head on me again. but it did happen. so i took a nap then woke up aroun 7 when boba wouldnt let us sleep anymore and then called momma and dadda. then they picked me up and off we went to the mall to buy lalalalalala an new iphone! thats right peoples i am now the proud owner of a 3gs and 32 gb at that! i didnt actually need or even ask to upgrade ( since i have an app that can video on my 3g and ive only used 7gb of my 14gb) but this way i get a new phone and daddy can have my old phone to use since his phone - no not iphone - just phone which is printed on the back ( essentially its an iphone knockoff) is so staticky. then we ate some sees (which i had one raspoerry truffle and boba stole then rest - 6- from the counter in my purse!! ) and then we had yummy yummy chicken and then home it was to play with the new phone and get it all synced up. so now im just waiting for it to finish up syncing and then i can play hahahahaha ( in my deep evil laugh). haha - oh and we got the mobile me thing so we can track where our phones are - i think this will be a useful tool as daddy lost his last iphone and someone picked it up and this way we can see where it is. well anyways. im sleepy and boba is starting to ( dare i say it - ) wind down. maybe she'll let me sleep. til next time

you know you love me xoxo

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Boba's Paws

Im so bad at this. the last time i blogged was over a month ago. i should blog more. well maybe i will . thomas says i need a hobby. this could be sort of a hobby right? i mean a hobby just doing something you like that takes time right. well anyways, i usually do crafts as my hobby. but since moving into the loft and stuff i havent really done any crafts. mainly because we'll making crafts is messy and now we have boba who literally tastes the world and all my stuff is in the storage outside which is a dumping ground. however i was able to do one craft recently. daddy took me to michaels and i decided to redo a painting. we did this painting with boba when she was a baby but the sun faded it so now im afraid to put any art up that the sun will get to. the guy at michaels said to use this clear varnish but i m still wary. so anyways i redid the painting. are you ready for it?

well first it includes this
some nice bright neon paints. then it includes Boba - the artist! - this is after she did her artwork though. too much to try and do it before. you'll see why.

well here is the art! what you need a better look?

This is a much clearer picture of our kitchen! so basically i took the paint and covered my fingers in it then swiped boba's front paws with my painted fingers. then with the encouragement of treats i had her walk across the canvas. and yes it is much harder than it sounds to convince a dog to walk across the mat and put paint on her feet. boba knew i was up to something but couldnt figure out what! but what a beautiful job she did!!

And guess who gets to clean it up?!? ME dont worry i have the support of my puppy and my trusty swiffer! 3 cloths later and the kitchen is cleaner than when i began!

ill have to take a pic of what the final picture looks like. i like it. but i think there is some orange and brown that i dont like but its ok its art and the spontaneity makes it great.