Friday, June 15, 2012


Yesterday afternoon, we had to say goodbye to who we consider one of our family members, our family dog Missy. Missy was going to be 20 years old this October. She lived a long happy life and I cant believe that I got to be apart of her life for that long. I mean I’ve had her since I was 5. I remember going to where we picked up missy from – I remember her mom was big and barked a lot and sitting in the living room where I think they had a toy train running. We picked 2 puppies – one was for us and another was for another family that we were meeting later to drop off more near their house. I remember sitting in the back of our old van thinking how can I choose? – I don’t remember if I really chose or not but I do remember I named missy’s sister Montana because it rhymed with my middle name Santana. Missy’s name came later – it was around Christmas time when we got her and I think originally we named her snow white but then a little later daddy suggested we name her mistletoe and call her Missy. And so it began.
Missy was in the background of our Christmas pictures that year and many years to follow. She was The Travel dog. She went everywhere with us and always wanted to be with us. She would even sit in the van while we played softball or other sports. But she didn’t always stay there. She liked the escape out the small van window and meet us wherever we were.  I remember once in elementary school we had a track meet and we must have been running a 100m dash. Well while I was running I felt something kick under my leg and zoom! There goes missy on the track to win first place J.  She came with us and would jump like a goat from rock to rock when we went hiking to places where Natasha would outdoor climb. Once dad had to carry missy down bc the rocks were so hot but she never complained. Even as we got older and Thomas and I were dating we would take her out on our day trips – one time we tried to go up to mt Hamilton to look for snow – they blocked the roads off so we headed over the hill to the beach – on our way we found out missy really doesn’t like horses and she barked and barked. At the beach she ran with Thomas. She loved running. She would run in the backyard at my grandma’s old house and I remember thinking she was like a white blur she was so fast. Another time we were playing with her at the park and we threw her a squishy nerf football  and she had it in her mouth and she was running so fast towards us she ran straight into a green fence! She ran at the beach but never really got in the water. Oh and the snow. She loved the snow – she could stay out there for hours – even longer than boba who was a pup at the time. She would chase us when we went sledding and jump and bite the snow. It was the only time we saw a tinge of yellow on missy’s coat – otherwise she was always pure white.
And speaking about running – man would she run when I would open a package of deli ham from costco. She knew exactly what it was from the packaging. Missy loved human food. And we always gave her some. I know some families don’t do this but really what are you gonna do when you have a puppy and  a 5, 3 and 2 year old J. Missy loved food but she also had a particular palette – for example we would order her an in n out burger and she would somehow with her teeth remove the tomato and leave it for us to pick up. One of my favorite memories was when we were in the van traveling and think Natasha or Tamara dropped their bubblegum ice cream. Missy picked up the scoop of ice cream in her mouth  - the whole thing- and tilted her head back to make it go down easier – bright blue ice cream dripping down her pretty white fur – but I know she enjoyed it. When dad was doing a test run for my wedding cake my dad left it on the kitchen counter. Now missy isn’t very tall but when dad turned around there was a bite mark on the very edge of his freshly baked cake and a smiling missy.
 I always thought that Missy lived a long life because of we gave her human food – I mean its gotta be less processed than dog food right? – and because we loved her so much.
We love her so much. I love her so much. She was my childhood dog – I would stage photoshoots with her and make her look like she was typing or reading a book. We would dress up and she would be in our pictures, we gave her piggy back rides. She was so sweet. I always thought knew that she could understand what I was saying. A lot of the times growing up you feel like noone understands but she would just sit with me and lick at my tears when I would cry – my puppies now don’t even do that.
Missy was a firecracker to the end – she would give such a fit when my dogs – probably the young pups to her- would come over – she would bark and bark. Oh and she hated boys – only my dad and grandpa did she love – every other boy she would bark like crazy – I can remember my friend nick even covering his face with a sweatshirt and trying to talk to missy in a high pitched voice – she watched for 2 seconds and then figured it out and gave him an earful. In missy’s last few days she got out of the house while trying to pack for Yosemite. Someone found her that night and took her to the humane society and I picked her up the next day. The worker said she would go get missy for me and so in the back she went. It took a few minutes and finally she came out with this teenage guy holding missy in his arms. She said ‘ missy wasn’t really interested in walking’ – of course not – who wouldn’t want to be carried J well they put her in the back of my car and the worker remarked ‘how did she even get lost’ – I know right?. She knew what she could get away with.

When we came back from our trip missy started to get pretty weak and not really eating – even her favorite thing meat – no pepperoni or bacon. My mom and dad took her yesterday afternoon to be with Jesus. I Miss her so so much and I know that ill see her again in heaven  but for now ill hold onto these memories and pictures of her and know that she’s up there now running in a pain free body in the snow and eating all the costco ham she can find. I love you Missy and thank you for being in our life. Thank you for waiting until we were all home together and for meeting my son Kai. 

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