Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Boba's Paws

Im so bad at this. the last time i blogged was over a month ago. i should blog more. well maybe i will . thomas says i need a hobby. this could be sort of a hobby right? i mean a hobby just doing something you like that takes time right. well anyways, i usually do crafts as my hobby. but since moving into the loft and stuff i havent really done any crafts. mainly because we'll making crafts is messy and now we have boba who literally tastes the world and all my stuff is in the storage outside which is a dumping ground. however i was able to do one craft recently. daddy took me to michaels and i decided to redo a painting. we did this painting with boba when she was a baby but the sun faded it so now im afraid to put any art up that the sun will get to. the guy at michaels said to use this clear varnish but i m still wary. so anyways i redid the painting. are you ready for it?

well first it includes this
some nice bright neon paints. then it includes Boba - the artist! - this is after she did her artwork though. too much to try and do it before. you'll see why.

well here is the art! what you need a better look?

This is a much clearer picture of our kitchen! so basically i took the paint and covered my fingers in it then swiped boba's front paws with my painted fingers. then with the encouragement of treats i had her walk across the canvas. and yes it is much harder than it sounds to convince a dog to walk across the mat and put paint on her feet. boba knew i was up to something but couldnt figure out what! but what a beautiful job she did!!

And guess who gets to clean it up?!? ME dont worry i have the support of my puppy and my trusty swiffer! 3 cloths later and the kitchen is cleaner than when i began!

ill have to take a pic of what the final picture looks like. i like it. but i think there is some orange and brown that i dont like but its ok its art and the spontaneity makes it great.

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