Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Today Thomas and I went shopping for Christmas decoration. He was so awesome. We decorated for Halloween pretty good and that was a lot for Thomas because his family used to decorate a lot for Halloween our family always did trick or treating so we didn’t really decorate. But Christmas, I’m crazy about. I mean it’s Jesus’ holiday. Families are together, you take perspective on your life, think more about your blessings, and like Thomas said earlier although it’s busy it just seems like things are lower key and relaxing. Feelings of freshly baked cookies, warm houses and beautiful sights to see. Anyways Thomas was really good to me today because we went shopping for decorations and he picked out a Christmas pillow especially for me or put the penguin salt and pepper shakers I wanted but put back into the cart when I wasn’t looking. Then after coming home and it being freezing out he helped me decorate the outside at 8 o clock at night. He’s an amazing husband. And he makes life so much better. I don’t tell him I love him enough.Wishing you all a wonderful and love filled December.

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