Monday, September 20, 2010

Just Tell Me What To Do

I had a patient today - that was really anxious because he couldnt remember where he was or how he got there. of course definetly a scary thing that i cant even imagine how unsettling it must be to be so confused for even a moment that you can't even remember how you got to where you are. as soon as i got into the patient's room - i asked him his name - the president, if he knew where he was and he got all those right. at this time he was sitting at the edge of the bed and i had wanted him to lay in bed and i asked him and he said " i dont care - just tell me what to do". thankfully i could - told him to get back in bed - give him his call light and to call if he feels anxious or confused again and i was going to call the md.

right now though i feel the same way - can someone " just tell me what to do"

with work being the way it is - all up in the air i just dont know which way is which anymore. so ECH gave me my packet today - basically they have listed all the positions on 3 units ( including my unit) - i am supposed to rank each job position 1-whatever number for which job i would like to work most. then they go down the list by seniority and match you up with your best choice and what's left - however they didnt write how many total positions are available - just what kind of positions are available. and since i am 22 from the bottom which is low low seniority - i have no idea if ill get a job or not. if you only put 3 choices you are willing to work and when it comes your turn to be matched and those positions are gone - then you are involuntary RIF'd ( laid off). if there's no more positions open by the time it gets to you then you are RIF'd. (RIF reduction in force - ie You're fired"

then there's the option of applying to other hospitals. now keep in mind - no 'job offers' ie letting you know what job you have ( if you have one) until october 8. so do i apply at other hospitals? some hospitals are hiring but not many. what about those hospitals and their contract negotions with benefits and such. its a new hospital and its unknown and scary. what if i get a better jobif i would have stayed with ECH then with this new hospital. what if the new hospital goes through a RIF as well. what about going into a non oncology unit? what about stress and time put into interviews and resume's. how far am i willing to go? and in addition - i got the letter 2 weeks after everyone else so others have already had interviews and gotten job offers 2 days after i got my WARN letter so im already late in the game - and basically screwed. so all these questions.

Can someone just tell me what to do. i guess this is where i leave and say - It's up to God. because really there's nothing left to do. We'll see where i end up - im just glad i have the friends, coworkers, family and two lovely baby puppies to support me. xoxo.

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