Sunday, September 20, 2009

Santa Clara art festival

so today was a great day. thomas put me to sleep real early last night because he said we were gonna have a great happy day and we indeed did. we woke up late at 1pm when our projected time was 10 am. whoops. well anyways we woke up and then got ready and left in our car for the Santa Clara Art and Wine festival. First parking was crazy and Thomas was getting frustrated so we ended up just paying 5 dollars to park. we entered the festival and of course one of the first things i see is "Ring around the Toezees" booth which is a booth where you can get toe rings put on and they basically never come off.

ive had a plain silver one put on from hawaii when i visited my sister last year and have loved it since. so i got another one today a silver bubbley one on my other foot. how those girls can sit there and touch ppls feet all day long - YUCK ;(. i mean i know where my feet have been and they are pretty clean and well taken care of but what about all those other peoples feet. ugh. even when i have to assess my patients toes i try to do it through their socks or where gloves. ugh. well moving on after i got my toe ring which took forever and thomas was so nice because he was like the only guy and stood by me the wholle time in the heat. we moved on to the food part and got tri tip sandwiches and lemonade. mmm. lemonade was a bummer though cuz it was definetly a mix not real. we walked to find thomas' parents at the santa clara christian school booth. we sat around for awhile then i got tired and had to move again.

we walked to see the other booths and we passed by the POOCH booth. its this new doggie hotel right by our house that looks so cute. get this they are opening next weekend and we were telling them about boba and the guy gave us free $10 gift card for our puppy to try it so she can socialize. i looked at their brochure and what they offered. get this pawdecures ( pedicures so cute), treadmills both land and water, private sleeping rooms if they have to stay overnight, facials, aromatherapy baths mmm, and facial coloring for your pets graying muzzle!! freaking awesome. thomas isnt sure if he wants boba hanging out with pooches that go there but either way at least boba can visit and get cultured - itll be like her visit to santan row is for us. haha. our once a 4 month visit. :)

then we almost passed by this awesome booth but luckily we stopped. its called aromatheraputty. its so awesome. thomas said he was surprised i didnt create it first bc i love yummy smelly things and i always have playdoh to play with. then talked about how i should invest in her business and then went on to talk about how we should start investing ::blah blah blah::: haha jk. anywyas. i freaking bought two!!! its putty that have lovely aromatherapy scents. i bought the green exhilirating eucalyptus peppermint putty and the purple lavendar putty. ive already loved the lavender one smells so good!

then after that we got some quick dinner at mcdonalds bc we were both starving and dehydrated and then went to target got some new night gowns, some new silverware, and thomas got some deoderant. oh and we got this awesome storage ottoman for only 13.98 that we will definetly use a ton! Target is the place to be for super on sale collegey or summer stuff. then we came home and had a good night in. thomas playing the guitar singing amazing grace and me playing on the computer looking at random blogs. blogs about cupcakes, iphones, dogs, cats, crafts, and even cheese! well thats all for now folks

you know you love me xoxo

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