Friday, October 9, 2009


So since the last post was about nclex chet sheet i thought i would write about my experience. its so hard to tell what its going to be like and i can remember searing online for someone that wrote their experience and it was really helpful to me.

so anyways here it goes

so the test started at 8am so i got there at about 730 am went to the bathroom blah blah blah. the building was off 101 in one of the industrial parks. it looked like they rented out a tiny office for the nclex testing. when you walk in you take a number and then sit down with others waiting to take nclex and other licensing tests. then when your number gets called you go to the front desk give your drivers license and your test ticket. then you sit down and they take your picture and take your thumbprint on this electronic thing. then you sit back down and put everything you have in your locker with the locker key they give you that is behind the door. then you sit and wait for your name to be called. when your name is calledyou go seriosly 2 feet away from the front desk to another desk where you and two others are told the rules about being in the testing room .the desk is in front of a glass window where you can see everyone testing. oh i forgot before the rules you sign in with your id and your fingerprint. right before you go in you empty your pockets ( as in pull them out ) then he walks you to your station. the way its set up is that you wach have a cubicle and are facing the wall. so your back is to the instructor. it is very well lit the chairs are comfy and they give you construction worker headphones and earlugs to block out the noise. you have a computer at the desk and a white board and a dry erase pen. as soon as i sat down i wrote everything i could remember onto the whiteboard. then i took a deep breathe and started the test. the beginning of the test shows you types of questions you can have and is basically a demo with sample questions after 15 of those you actually start the test. it was an hour and a half into the test and i said ok after #75 i am going to the bathroom for a break. so i get to question 75 pick my answer and clicked submit. suddenly the screen went blue. then it reloads and a new screen pops up. it says to complete the post test which i did and then at the end i was so dumbfounded that it only gave me 75 questions i didnt know what to do. what happened to going to the bathroom and taking a break and then continuing the test. well the last page said to raise your hand so you can leave which i am so glad it gave detailed instructions because i was totally out if it. the instructor went and got me, turned off my computer and said good luck. then i was off on my way. i waitied for awhile just standing outside the lobby bc i was so scared i failed and didnt want to tell my family or anyone what happened. then my good friend jess came out and asked me where it stopped and i said 75 and she said for her too! she gave me a ride home and the whole ride we were complaining and stressing about it. i think after that i took a nap. then 2 weeks later i got a text at like 730 in the am from florence who said i passed. then i checked online and there was my name. oh and kul called me to let me know too! i love my friends! can i just say i am so glad i am done with that part of my life!! nursing school for just one test! blah. i wouldnt say it was the hardest test ive ever taken (chem honors in high school or the second test of pathophys) but it definetly tested to see how well you could think rather than what you know. hope this helps someone!

you know you love me xoxo

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