Monday, February 1, 2010

Recent Life Happenings

So much to talk about. well this past week was a doozy. i worked 5 days instead of usual 4 because we needed extra help. and in addition i was picked to talk to magnet personnel MTW ( all three days they were here). thank you Jesus they only came to the unit on Monday. i was so nervous and stressed but overall i think it went well. so we'll see in the next few months if el camino hospital is recertified as a magnet hospital. i feel like the hospital can finally breathe. everyone has been work work work and stress because we had the big move into the new hospital and then this magnet recertification was the second big hurdle. hopefully there wont be too many other things popping up but it is a hospital and is always open and always busy. never a dull moment.well anyways yesterday was a great day. thomas and i woke up around 11 and then we got up and went to the sandwich store for lunch. we ate out in the sun on the nice outside tables and boba sat by our side. then we decided to take boba to a dog park - her first experience. as soon as we walked in there was two dogs who came to greet her and their owners said that we should release her leash as soon as possible because they will feel more safe. i told them thanks and that it was our first time there. they said that all the dogs were nice at the park and they were. there was this super cute beagle and great danes and other med - large sized puppies. boba did ok she just kinda sat around and let the other dogs smell her but she never strayed to far from me or thomas. then we tried to play fetch with a pink tennis ball but she would run 10 feet then run straigh back to us bc i think she got scared. well after she got a little more comfortable she picked up another tennis ball she found and played fetch with thomas. then we left and took a walk around the las palmas park which was nice. then we went to petroglyph and picked up a plate i made while my mommy made another plate on thursday.

then we decided to head over the hill to go to twin lakes for boba. boba doesnt like the waves but she does like the wet sand and likes to squish her paws in it.there was this one part of the beach where she found a big puddle of water and she would dig in the waterhole then stick her nose in and blow bubbles. at one point she even laid in the hole and got all dirty and wet.
then when it was time to go she laid down in the sand so thomas couldnt pull her.
she had a great day and it was so great to see her soo happy. me and thomas feel so guilty that we dont have a yard or big house for her so its nice to see her get out. then we went to visit leighah at her new apartment and it was nice to catch up then buffalo bells of course and then home and sleep on the ride back from 17. at home thomas played his game while boba slept beside him and i watched blue planet! awesome! it was a great sunday!

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